Let’s begin by addressing the most pivotal question: Why do you aspire to be an actor? Does your answer stir your emotions? Your WHY should possess such compelling strength that it leaves you feeling as if you have no alternative path. It’s perfectly acceptable if you’re unable to articulate that answer at this moment. Together, we can explore and uncover it.

THE PROGRAM | Duration: 4 months | February 9th to June 14th, 2024

This mentorship journey has been meticulously crafted for individuals who are dedicated to transforming their passion for acting into a thriving career. It’s designed for those actors who are prepared to take the next stride towards realizing their dreams. In this program, Vanessa will not only guide you and share her invaluable insights, but she will also cultivate your mindset. It’s not just about acquiring information; it’s about achieving profound TRANSFORMATION. After all, without personal transformation, knowledge acquisition serves no meaningful purpose.

PACKAGE #1  –  650.00$ + taxes 


  • 10 business classes/discussions (bimonthly Zoom meetings. Every two Fridays 10 AM to 12 PM for 4 months)
  • Special guest speakers
  • 1 private coaching
  • Facebook private group to share, support and ask all the questions.

*Please note that all private coaching sessions must be used by June 16th.

PACKAGE  –  1, 595.00$ + taxes (limited space)

Everything that package #1 offers +

  • Additional 3 private coaching sessions (4 in total)
  • 4 meditation/mindfulness sessions with Bram Levinson
  • An original scene or monologue specifically written for you
  • The ultimate game plan specifically built for you
  • Full-Time Program discount *conditions do apply

*Please note that all private coaching sessions must be used by June 14th.


I am Vanessa Lynn Rancourt, and my calling is to wholeheartedly share every facet of my being – my voice, body, mind, and soul – to awaken the essence of life within people through the art of storytelling, predominantly within the realms of cinema and theatre.

  • At only 20 years old, I moved to the big city of Angels on my own to pursue acting.
  • At 23 years old I became the youngest acting teacher to teach at the Quebec School of Cinema and Television.
  • At 25 I was hired for an internship at a talent agency in Montreal. Within 8 months I became president of their Acting Division.
  • At 26, I officially launched an acting school, House of Actors. Within a year, my students were able to perform in front of the industry’s elite such as CAA, WME, UTA, April Webster, Kenny Ortega, Brian Medavoy, and more.
  • At 27 I was making a living full-time out of my passion.
  • By the time I reached the age of 32, I had transitioned into the dynamic world of production, cultivating substantial relationships with prominent figures in the entertainment industry. My dedication and hard work had not only solidified my presence but also earned me a respected reputation within the production community in Montreal.

If there’s one profound secret I can impart for achieving success in any endeavour I set my sights on, it’s this: ASKING FOR HELP. I firmly believe that some of the most accomplished individuals are those who seek assistance the most. I’m genuinely excited to extend my helping hand, providing you not only with guidance but also constant support throughout this journey.

Together, let’s craft the blueprint for your future!