Let’s do nothing during Quarantine

Let’s do nothing during quarantine

The world is taking a big step back only to be propelled forward. Let’s focus on the beautiful, the simple, the peace, the love and the togetherness.

With the events happening in the world, we are forced to stay home.

You now have a lot of free time in your schedule. Yay! How will you fill it ? You choose how you make your time profitable but what if you chose to not be as productive ? Would that be ok? Yes it would. Yes it is!


  1. Now is the perfect time to connect. Connect with yourself. Listen carefully to what your body and mind wants to do.
  2. Now is the perfect time to journal. Journal about yourself. Write about who you are, who you want to be.
  3. Now is the perfect time to do nothing. Nothing with yourself. Your nothing can be anything. As long as it brings you peace and not pressure. 


Making your schedule profitable does not always mean you have to be ”productive”. Some of us feel pressured having so much free time that they feel like they have to start a new project, a new challenge, train, etc. Now of course if this is what your mind and body truly wants to do, go ahead and do it all the way ! But if you feel anxious, squeezed or guilty, that mostly is your inner self telling you to take a break and breath. Just like our beautiful planet earth is doing at the moment. You are allowed to do nothing. Make sure your nothing is filled with love, peace and togetherness.